Pop-Up Card or paper engineering for kids 8 to 90 years.

Simple, easy and fun to make!
We will work with simple materials, I'll teach you the basic techniques to create your very own 3D pop-up card starting with simple tab methods and moving on to more complex forms.

Before you know it you will be designing you own cool pop up cards to show off to friends and family.
I have templates to get you started and I will encourage you to create you own card from scratch.

Dates:      Tuesday 6th, 13th, 20th February 2018

Material:   Paper, scissors, colour pencil and glue.
Place:      Comunnity center 113 Balgownie Rd. Balgownie.
Cost:       $12  each session.

You could do the workshop with your parents or friends, it will be greatl working together.

Pop up work shop run for 3 session on Tuesday

Pop-up card The sun by Pala Hoyos

Collage Workshop

Collage is the most flexible way to experiment and create. The collage permits to play, move, construct and modulate according to with the feelings, sensations, memories and likes.

Collage with kids

Dates:      Tuesday 27th February, 6th, 13th March 2018.
Place:      Comunnity center 113 Balgownie Rd. Balgownie.
Cost:       $12  each session.
Material:  Paper any colour, Recycled gift paper, scissors, colour pencil and glue

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