Fun ecoart drip art technic.

Working with acrylic  and on matborad really fun technic

This some sample with the drip  technic: collecting paint with a thin stick and the letting the paint drip. This works very well with paints that flows like honey, such acrylic paints, I guide the fluid.   It really is nice for touch.
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Water color, typography Creativity Pala Hoyos.

Water color, fashion Pala Hoyos.

Water color, Dancing  Pala Hoyos.

Dressing to blend Collage pala Hoyos

Wellcome to my blog, 
I'm working in a Colombian illustration this make me fill so proud, I hope will share soon my drawing.

Something about my

I was born Maria Paula, but from an early age my brother called me Pala and it is the name that is closest to my heart. I'm from MedellĂ­n, Colombia – a really colourful city, full of life. I came to Sydney in 2003 and it was really difficult for me because I didn't know much English. I started to draw in my notebook, to collect papers, to draw all the new faces, places and things that I found amazing in this new culture. This helped me find words – and even remember some new words – and to document some of what I felt. Drawing, and riding my old bicycle around Sydney, helped me keep going and forging a new life in a new country.

I believe the best way to connect with my soul is creating.

I feel free when I am creative. The process of creating art for me is a playful experience. I let my soul express itself through the exploration of a feeling, a moment, and the connections that somehow turn into images in my heart.

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I  had a interview for my artwork in Janes apple blog
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