Loving watercolour

The perfect place for

 my holidays.
Print for sell size A4 and A3

Imagine we fly.
Print for sell size A4 and A3

This is a commission artwork for a weeding present, 
collage 45 cm x 45cm on canvas.
Paper and acrylic.

Ecofrienly art

I am been working in a project for 2 years doing art the best way to be nice with the EARTH.

I use the base matboard from my workspace (framing shop), and I try to collect cans the acrylic painting the people left in front or the house, recycled painting and I clean my stick with all rugs and I dont use water for clean.

How I do it?

Collecting paint with a thin stick and the letting the paint drip. This works very well with paints that flows like honey, such acrylic paints, I guide the fluid.   It really is nice for touch when is dry. You can see me video how is.

If you fee curious to see more artwork for this art drip go to my intagram Pala Hoyos.

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MORE illustration