Monday, 19 February 2018

Book Ilustration " Por Colombia Con Matias"

Pala, (Maria Paula Hoyos)
Por Colombia con Matías  2018
Autor Fabian Hoyos Patiño.

I had the great opportunity to participate in an illustracion project, a book that talks about Colombia for children living in another country, a gift from grandfather Fabian to his grandson Matias, ends up becoming a guide for what he wants to know better Colombia.
It is already on sale with more than 50 illustrations that I made of Colombia,

He tenido la gran oportunidad de participar en un proyecto de illustracion, un Libro que habla de Colombia para los niños que vive en otros pais, un regalo de el abuelo Fabian a su nieto Matias , termina convirtiéndose en una guia para lo que quiere conocer mejor Colombia.
Ya esta a la venta  con mas de 50 ilustraciones que hice de Colombia, Gracias por la oportunidad, de aprender y poder enseñarme mas de Colombia. Fabian Hoyos

Arrecife de San Andres, Colombia
By Pala Hoyos

La Mujer Wayuu, La Guajira Colombia.
By Pala Hoyos

La Torre del reloj en la ciudad amurallada, Cartagena, Colombia
By Pala Hoyos

El delfin Rosado, Amazonas.
By Pala Hoyos

Corridas, el Caribe Colombia.
By Pala Hoyos

Ballenatos Colombia,  el caribe.
By Pala Hoyos

 La guajira Colombia.
By Pala Hoyos

Barachala, Colombia
By Pala Hoyos

Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

By Pala Hoyos
Usted puede comparer el libro en este Link.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

A little bit about my.

My friends call me Pala,
I was born in Colombia, where I worked designing
and making jewellery and accessories.
My way to communicate is for drawing.
Now I live in Australia and and I'm  graphic design and artist
All this time I have been
on a quest to find in art and illustrations a medium
to express my very own view of the reality. 
I am collector of papers, which I used to experiment with new techniques, especially collage.

Un poco acerca de mi.
Mi amigos me llaman Pala.
Naci en Colombia, donde trabaje diseño y produccion de joyeria y accesorios.
Ahora vivo en Australia,  donde estuve en busqueda del arte y la ilustracion como un medio para expresarme.
Soy recolectora y coleccionista de papeles y me encanta experimentar nuevas tecnicas, pero mi especialidad es el collage.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Circus of the bird

The Circus of Birds is a playful collection of collages created from paper and other mixed media, inspired by the spontaneous acrobatics of free city birds as they fly by my window, performing and playing. The birds make me laugh. They fly in my head and my spirit, inviting me to join them. The Circus of Birds is the story of our flights together.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Trusting my soul collection

This exhibition talks about the magic inherent in my, your, our selves, about the many feelings that often get stack in my soul and can’t fly free. Why does it seem so scary to jump off the cliff? There is a see of infinite possibilities awaiting. They say it’s not so hard as it seems, well it is for me… but today for the first time in my life, I feel like… jumping no matter what I feel like…trusting my soul.

August 2 – 15 2007. Sydney.
The Archetype Gallery. Contemporary Art.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Loving watercolour

The perfect place for

 my holidays.

Print for sell size A4 and A3

Imagine we fly.
Print for sell size A4 and A3

Friday, 20 May 2016

Process art work Collage

This is a commission artwork for a weeding present, 
collage 45 cm x 45cm on canvas.
Paper and acrylic.

Collage process

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ecofrienly art

I am been working in a project for 2 years 
doing art the best way to be nice with the EARTH.

I use the base matboard from my workspace (framing shop), and I try to collect cans the acrylic painting the people left in front or the house, recycled painting and I clean my stick with all rugs and I dont use water for clean.

How I do it?

Collecting paint with a thin stick and the letting the paint drip. This works very well with paints that flows like honey, such acrylic paints, I guide the fluid.   It really is nice for touch when is dry. You can see me video how is.

El Mago 2015
Dripping acrylic with paper.
25 cm x 17 cm.

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